Tuesday, 28 February 2012


1. Who has recently been appointed as the CEO of IndusInd Bank? Can you name him from the given options?
a. Rana Talwar
b. Vaughn Richtor
c. Shailendra Bhandari
d. Aseem Dhru
2. ‘Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860’, is the tag line of
a. Rado
b. Tag Heuer
c. Omega
d. Cartier
3. Name the fi rst Indian bank that launched the fi rst credit card in India.
a. HDFC Bank
b. SBI
c. Andhra Bank
d. Bank of Baroda
4. This magazine promotes itself by claiming to be ‘India’s number 1 business magazine’
a. Business India
b. Business World
c. Outlook Money
d. Business Today
5. Find the odd one out. Channel Owned by
a. TV18 Raghav Bahl
b. NDTV Prannoy Roy
c. Sun TV Rajnikant
d. Zee TV Subhash Chandra
6. How The Mighty Fall and Why Some Companies Never Give In has been authored by
a. Brian Tracy
b. Ram Charan
c. Jim Collins
d. CK Prahalad
7. Which of the following represents the expansion of ‘M’, in ‘ MC’?
a. Mutual
b. Management
c. Mobile
d. Manufacturing
8. Which oil fi rm uses the slogan ‘The energy of India’,  to promote itself now-a-days?
b. Indian Oil Corporation
d. None of above
9. Who is the Director General of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)?
a. GVK Reddy
b. Chandrajeet Bannerjee
c. Venu Sriniwasan
d. Tarun Mitra
10. Which of the following represents the repo rate and reverse repo rate on per cent as per the
RBI’s fi rst quarterly review of the monetary policy 2009-2010?
a. 4.75, 3.25
b. 4.50, 3.25
c. 4.25, 3.55
d. 4, 3
11. As per RBI, India’s external debt at the end of March 2009 stood at
a. $ 229.9 billion
b. $ 227.3 billion
c. $ 225.4 billion
d. $ 224.5 billion
12. Which of the following taxes contributed maximum to the Central government’s revenue
collection during 2008-2009?
a. Income Tax
b. Corporation Tax
c. Customs duty
d. Service tax
13. As per a recent study by International Finance Corporation (IFC), which Indian city was
ranked as the easiest city for doing business in India?
a Hyderabad “
b. Bhubaneswar
c. Gurgaon
d. Ludhiana
14. As per National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), which
of the following represents the projected Indian IT growth (in per cent) in the year 2009-2010?
a. Three to six
b. Four to seven
c. Five to eight
d. Six to nine
15. Which of the following is the largest economy of European Union (EU)?
a. The UK
b. Germany
c. France
d. Italy
16. Which of the following companies is NOT a part of the Future Group?
a. Indus League Clothing
b. Foot Mart Retail
c. Home Solutions Retail
India Ltd
d. Carmichael House
17. Naandi Foundation, an organization engaged in providing safe drinking water, has provided
water to over 700 villages in four states of India. This foundation is associated with
a. Biocon International
b Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
c. Wockhardt Ltd
d. None of above
18. This country has the largest online population in the world in 2009.
a. India
b. China
c. The US
d. Russia
19. Which Indian is the president, global sales operations and business development, Google?
a. Nikesh Arora
b. Shridhar Ramaswamy
c. Ram Shriram
d. Sanjay Kapoor
20. Which of the following represents the new base year for inflation index?
a. 1993-1994
b. 1999-2000
c. 2002-2003
d. 2004-2005
21. Which business group is investing Rs 500 cr in the education sector and has plans to build 350 educational institutions in the next three
a. Bharti Enterprises
b. Yash Birla Group
c. RPG Enterprises
d. Essar Group
22. Which of the following personalities has been appointed as the Director General (DG) of
Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE)?
a. Proshanto Bannerjee
b. UD Chaoubey
c. Amitabh Kant
d. N Ramachandran
23. This person is the winner of the SCOPE award given for outstanding contribution to the
public sector management.
a. OP Bhatt
b. SK Roongta
c. TS Vijayan
d. RS Sharma
24. Who has been named as the Voice & Data Telecom person of the year?
a. Manoj Kohli
b. Sunil Bharti Mittal
c. SP Shukla
d. Vikram Mehmi
25. Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT), that established the foundation of Telecom
industry in India, is celebrating 25th year of its existence this year. Who is the founder of C-DOT?
a. Dewang Mehta
b. Kiran Karnik
c. Sam Pitroda
d. None of these
26. As per The Telegraph, which of the following represents the amount that world has spent
in struggling to come out of the financial crisis?
a. $ 9.9 trillion
b. $ 10.9 trillion
c. $ 11.9 trillion
d. $ 12.9 trillion
27. ASEAN has recently signed an investment agreement with this country which is 8th largest investor in ASEAN having investment value of over
$6 billions.
a. Russia
b. China
c. Japan
d. Malaysia
28. The newly-appointed president
and CEO of Shoppers Stop is
a. BS Nagesh
b. Govind Shrikhande
c. Ram Chandra Aggarwal
d. None of the above
29. The Central Electricity Authority that tak es care of adding capacity to India’s power is
chaired by
a. RS Pandey
b. Rakesh Nath
c. Dhanendra Kumar
d. Rahul Khullar
30. Which of the following represents the rank of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in the Fortune Global 500 List of 2009?
a. 89
b. 97
c. 105
d. 119

1. c. Shailendra Bhandari
2. b. Tag Heuer
3. c. Andhra Bank
4. b. Business World
5. c. Sun TV Rajnikant
6. c. Jim Collins
7. b. Management
8. b. Indian Oil Corporation
9. b. Chandrajeet Bannerjee
10. a. 4.75, 3.25
11. a. $229.9 billion
12. b. Corporation Tax
13. d. Ludhiana
14. b. four to seven
15. b. Germany
16. d. Carmichael House
17 b Dr Reddy’s Laboratories
18. b. China
19. a. Nikesh Arora
20. d. 2004-2005
21. b. Yash Birla Group
22. b. UD Choubey
23. b. SK Roongta
24. a. Manoj Kohli
25. c. Sam Pitroda
26. c. $11.9 trillion
27. b. China
28. b. Govind Shrikhande
29. b. Rakesh Nath
30. c. 105

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