Wednesday, 29 February 2012

General Knowledge

1. Who has described the BJP as Ku Klux Klan?
a. Arun Shourie
b. Jaswant Singh
c. Yashwant Sinha
d. Vasundhara Raje
Answer: b. Jaswant Singh
2. Which state has announced that it will have equitable standard school education from the next year?
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Maharashtra
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Kerala
Answer:c. Tamil Nadu
3. Edward Kennedy, senator of   and brother of slain President John F Kennedy, died
a. Massachusetts
b. California
c. Ohio
d. Texas
Answer:a. Massachusetts
4. Which actor has showed interest in taking up franchise of an IPL team for 2011?
a. Hrithik Roshan
b. Saif Ali Khan
c. Akshay Kumar
d. Salman Khan
Answer:d. Salman Khan
5. Stefania Fernandez, who has been crowned Miss Universe 2009, belongs to
a. Greece
b. Mexico
c. Venezuela
d. Australia
Answer:c. Venezuela
6. Which of these films has won the best feature film award at the National Awards this year?
a. Chak De! India
b. Taare Zameen Par
c. Gandhi My Father
d. Kanchivaram
Answer:d. Kanchivaram
7. Name this agrarian festival which is celebrated by the farmers in Orissa for ‘eating the new
a. Lakshmi Puja
b. Durga Puja
c. Devasnana Purnima
d. Nuakhai
Answer:d. Nuakhai
8. Name the indigenously manufactured T-90 tanks which were recently showcased in Chennai
in a rolling out ceremony.
a. Bhishma
b. Arjun
c. Tank EX
d. Vijayanta
Answer: a. Bhishma
9. Who was the teenager who won the best golfer award at the Inter-Club Invitational Caddie
a. Wasim Khan
b. Jeev Milkha Singh
c. Jyoti Randhawa
d. Shiv Kapur
Answer:a. Wasim Khan
10. ISRO will be launching its first   satellite that would help in studying the upper atmosphere
and test low-costing positioning system.
a. Russian
b. Swiss
c. Italian
d. German
Answer: b. Swiss
11. Who authored the book ‘The Science of Bharat Natyam’?
(a) Saroja Vaidyanathan
 (b) Yamini Krishnamurthi
 ( c) J. Sushila 
 (d) None of these
Answer a;
12.International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed on:
(a) 9th August
 (b) 13th October
 (c) 24th November 
 (d) 11th December
13 Tianhe 1 , the world’s fastest supercomputer is made by
(a) United States 
(b) Japan 
(c) China 
(d) None of these
Answer :c
14 Which is India’s first ever Pollution Control Warship?
(a) Samudra Prahari 
(b) Nischaya 
(c) Varuna 
(d) None of these
15 Who became India’s youngest grandmaster?
(a) Parimarjan Negi 
(b) Dronavali Harika 
(c) Praveen Thipse 
(d) S P Sethuraman
16. K C Kulich International Award is associated with:
(a) Medicine 
(b) Economics 
(c) Journalism 
(d) Sports
17 ‘Open’ is the autobiography of which sports personality?
(a) Adam Gilchrest 
(b) Glenn Merges 
(c) Andre Agassiz 
(d) None of these
18. World Cup Football in 2022 is to be held at:
(a) Qatar 
(b) UK 
(c) Spain 
(d) France
19. Who is the first head of UN WOMEN?
(a) Laura Chinchilla 
(b) Julia Gillard 
(c) Mitchell blachettt 
(d) None of these
20.Which of the following committee is related to Corporatisation of Stock Exchanges?
(a) Bimal Jalan Committee 
(b) V Achuthan Committee 
(c) P M Nair Committee 
(d) None of these
21. Which is India’s newest stock exchange for currency derivatives
(a) BSE 
(b) NSE 
(c) United Stock Exchange (USE) 
(d) None of these
Answer :c
22. Jeevan Reddy Committee is related to
(a)Illegal mining 
(b) Armed Forces Special Power Act 
(c) Environmental Impact Assessment 
(d) None of these
23. Which of the following scheme is related with social security for unorganised sector?
(a) Swabhiman 
(b) Sabla 
(c) Swavalamban 
(d) None of these
24. Polavaram Project is located in which state?
(a) Andhra Pradesh 
(b) Maharashtra 
(c) Madhya Pradesh 
(d) Karnataka
25. David Perlman Award is given in which field?
(a) Sports 
(b) Music 
(c) Photography 
(d) Journalism
26.Which of the following committee has redefined the definition of Slums?
(a) Pranab Sen Committee
(b) Arjun Sen gupta committee 
(c) C Ibrahim Committee 
(d) None of these
27. Arrow-III is an anti missile system of
(a) France 
(b) Pakistan 
(c) Israel 
(d) UK
28 India’s first jail BPO is going to came up at
(a) Bangalore 
(b) Pune 
(c) Chennai 
(d) Hyderabad
29 World’s first aviation university coming up at
(a) Bangalore 
(b) Nice 
(c) Glasgow 
(d) Venice
Answer: a
30. Khoj lab has been launched by which group?
(a) Future Group 
(b) dell 
(c) IBM 
(d) Times group

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