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1.First and youngest roller skater.
    Sheetal Pandya (7 years old).
2. First Asian woman to sail around the world
   Ujwala Patil, 1988.
  3. First athlete to be awarded Arjuna Award (woman)
     Stephie D’Souza
  4. First deputy chairperson of the Rajya Sabha
     Violet Aiwa
  5. First ever woman musician to be awarded the Padma
      M.S. Subbhulakshmi Vibhushan
  6.First highest individual score in women’s Test cricket
      Mithali Raj
  7.First Indian elected the Chairman of the World Health Organization (WHO)
      Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur
  8. First Indian girl to win the British chess championship
      Tania Sachdev of Delhi at age of 8 years old.
  9.First Indian musician to win the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public  Service
      M.S. Subbhulakshmi.
  10.First Indian to leap past 6.50 metres (long jump)
      Aitfu George
  11.First Indian woman check pilot on an airbus A 300
      Captain Nivedita Bhasin
  12.First Indian woman commander of a jet aircraft
      Capt Miss Saudamini    Deshmukh of Indian Airlines.
  13.First Indian woman merchant banker
      Naina Lai Kidwai, vice chairman of J.M. Morgan Stanley.
 14. First Indian woman pilot of Boeing 707 plane
      Saudamini Deshmukh
  15.First Indian woman pleader
      Regina Guha
  16.First Indian woman to be appointed as assistant director of the World Health Organization
      Poonam Khetrapal Singh in general July 1998.
  17.First Indian woman to become Miss World
      Rita Faria
  18. First Indian woman to enter the final of an Olympic athletic event
      P.T. Usha, Los Angeles, 1984.
  19. First Indian woman to qualify Olympic semi final (in athletics)
      Shiny Abraham
  20. First Indian woman to scale Mt. Everest
      Bachendri Pal of UP on May    24,1984.
  21. First Indian woman scoring a Test double century
      Mithali Raj
  22.First Indian woman to win a match at a Grand Slam
      Nirupama Vaidyanathan
  23.First Indian woman to win Miss Universe title
      Sushmita Sen
  24.First Indian/Asian woman to swim the English Channel
      Miss Arati Saha (now Mrs. Arati Gupta), 1959.

  25.First lady pilot to join Air India
      Miss Harpreet Ahluwalia
  26.First lady to receive the Dada Saheb Phalke award
      Devika Rani
  27.First practicing lady doctor of India
      Dr. Rakhmabai
  28.First recipient of Arjuna Award in women’s cricket
      Shanta Rangaswami
  29.First recipient of best actress award
      Meena Kumari
  30.First scientifically documented test tube baby
   Harsha (born at the King Edward Memorial Hospital, Bombay on August 6, 1986, this project headed                 by Dr Indira Hinduja launched by the Institute for Research in Reproduction (IRR), through in vitro
31. First woman advocate of India
     Cornelia Sorabji of Allahabad High Court Bar in 1923.
32.First woman airline pilot in the world
     Prem Mathur of India.
33.First woman ambassador to former Soviet Union
     Vijayalakshmi Pandit from 1947 49.
34.First woman ambassador to the U.N.
     Vijayalaxmi Pandit in 1953-54.
35.First woman athlete representing India in the Olympics
      Mary D’Souza in 1952 at Helsinki
36.First woman cabinet minister of India
     Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur
37.First woman Chief Election Commissioner of India
     V.P. Rama Devi
38.  First woman Chief Justice of a High Court
     Justice Leila Seth of Himachal Pradesh, August, 1991.
39.First woman Chief Minister of a State
     Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani of Uttar Pradesh from 1963 to 1967.
40.First woman Chief Secretary to a State Government
     Mrs. Trivedi to Assam government
41.First woman cricket umpire
     Anjali Rajgopal
42.First woman cricketer holding the record for the maximum number
     of Test wickets
     Diana Eduljee, (119 wickets)
43.First woman cricketer to receive Arjuna Award
     Shanta Rangaswami
44.First woman Dalit Chief Minister of India
     Ms.Mayawati of Uttar Pradesh.
45.First woman elected as the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
      Mrs.Violet Aiwa. 1962-66 and 1966 & 69.
46.First woman foreign Consul General in India
     Mrs. Ernestine S Heck, US Consul General in Chennai.
47.First woman Governor of a State
     Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
48.First woman group team joins in the Air Force
     Saunith Shergill (21) and Siveka Khurana (23) from Chandigarh.
49.First woman hockey player to receive Arjuna Award
     Ann Lumsden, 1961.
50.First woman IAS Officer
     Anna Rajam George, 1950.
51.First woman IPS Officer
     Kiran Bedi, 1972
52.First Women Director General of Police of a State
     Kanchan Chaudhury Bhattacharya (DGP of Uttaranchal ) troliover in
june, 2004
53.First woman jockey of India
     Ayesha Captain
54.First woman Joint Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation
     Archana Ramasundram
55.First woman judge of the Supreme Court
             Fatima Beevi
56.First woman mayor of a city
   Tara Cherian of Madras, 1957.
57.First woman member broker of the Bombay Stock
     Meera Patel, 1986. Exchange
58. First woman minister of India
     Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit
59.First woman novelist to win the Murthi Devi award
     Dr. Prathibha Roy (for Oriya)
60.First woman officer in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF
     Ms.Alka Nanda Das,) as an Assistant Commandant in 1990-91.
61. First woman Para jumper of the Indian Air Force
     Geeta Chanda
62. First woman Postmaster General
     Mrs. Sushila Chourasia of Madhya Pradesh
63.First woman President of the Indian National Congress
     Mrs. Annie Besant, 1917
64. First woman President of the United Nations General Assembly
     Mrs. Vijayalaxmi Pandit
65.First woman Prime Minister of India
     Indira Gandhi, 1966.
66.First woman railway driver of India
     Ms. Surekha Yadao.
67.First woman ruler of India
     Raziya Sultana of Delhi.
68. First woman speaker of a State Assembly
     Mrs. Shanno Devi
69.First woman squash player awarded Arjuna Award
     Bhuvaneshwari Kumari, 1982.

70.First woman to be appointed as Air Vice Marshall in the Indian
Air Force
     Padma Bandyopadhyaya
71. First woman to become the Chairman of the University Grants
     Madhuri Shah
72.First woman to become Vice Chancellor
     Hansaben Mehta of the Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda 1949.
73.First woman to climb Mt. Everest twice
     Ms. Santosh Yadav, in May 92 and May 93
74.First woman to fly a fighter aircraft
     R. Swarnalatha
75.First woman to fly the national flag (tri color) abroad
     Bhikaji Rustom Cama in Paris, 1907
76.First woman to get Shaurya Chakra
     Manisha Varma, on April 14, 1990.
77.First woman to reach Antarctica
     Mehar Moos in 1977.
78.First woman to swim fastest the English Channel
     Anita Sood, 8 hours 15 minutes (Asian record).
79.First woman to win the All India Rifle shooting competition
     Miss Geeta Sundaram, 1975.
80.First woman to win the Jnanpith Award
     Ashapurna Devi
81.First woman to win the national billiards championship
     Usha Rao on August 9, 1989.
82.First youngest woman in the world to climb Mt. Everest
     Ms. Dicky Dolma at the age of 19 years old.
83.First woman to swim across seven seas and five Conti- nents
     Bula Chaudhary
84.First woman deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India
      K. J. Udeshi
85.The first Indian woman officer to be deployed on board a
foreign Navy Ship
     Surgeon Commander Divya Gautam,    part of a 10-member Indian Navy
medical team
     serving abroad US Navy hospitalship Mercy.
86.The first Indian woman player to win a four-star badminton
Saina Nehwal defeated Julia Xian.Pei Wong of Malaysia in the
women’s singles final of the
      Philippines Open Badminton Tournament of Pasig City; Manila on
May, 28,2006.
87.  First woman President of the Republic of India
      Mrs. Pratibha Patil
88.First woman Speaker of the Lok Sabha
     Smt Meira KumarFirst Person
  89.First British Governor General of the new Dominion of India
: Lord Mountbatten
 90.First and the Last Indian Governor – General of Free India
: C. Rajagopalachari
  91.Last Governor-General of India who also became the first Viceroyof India
: Lord Canning
92.Last Viceroy of India
: Lord Mountbatten
93.First British Governor-General in India
: Warren Hastings
94.First Commander-in-Chief  of free India
: General Cariappa
 95.Tenth and the last Guru of the Sikhs
: Guru Gobind Singh
  96.First Chinese pilgrim to visit India
: Fa-Hein
 97. First European to visit China
: Marco Polo
  98.First European invader on Indian soil
: Alexander the Great
  99. First U.S.A. President to visit India
: D. Eisenhover
  100.First Russian Prime Minister to visit India
: V.I.Bulganin
  101. First British Prime Minister to visit India
: Harold Macmillan
  102.First President of the USA
: George Washington
  103.First President of the Chinese Republic
:Sun Yat-Sen (1912)
  104.First Prime Minister of Great Britain
: Robert Walpole
  105.First Women Prime Minister (twice) (Sri Lanka) of a Country in the World
: Mrs. S. Bandaranaike
  106.First India’s Spaceman
: Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma
  107. First Indian to scale Mount Everest
: Phu Dorjee
  108.First President of Indian Republic
: Dr. Rajendra Prasad
 109.First Woman Prime Minister of India
: Mrs. Indira Gandhi
 110.First Indian to win Nobel Prize
: Dr. Rabindranath Tagore
  111.First President of Indian National Congress
: W.C.Bonerjee

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