Wednesday, 14 March 2012

1. Name the number two economy of the world.
a. China
b. New Zealand
c. Japan
d. Australia
2. The merger of the State Bank of Indore with SBI took place on
a. August 15, 2010
b. August 26, 2010
c. September 13, 2010
d. September 23, 2010
3. Punj Lloyd Group bagged a contract for laying a natural gas pipeline from Dabhol to Bangalore from GAIL India for
a.  Rs 539 crore
b.  Rs 544.22 crore
c.  Rs 594 crore
d.  Rs 602 crore
4. Who has launched Passion Pro, a limited edition 100cc motorcycle, priced at Rs 46,300?
a. Maruti
b. Kinetic
c. Hero Honda
d. Bajaj
5. The net worth of order for construction of bus rapid transit system corridors bagged by J. Kumar Infra projects is
a.  Rs 126 crore
b.  Rs 136 crore
c.  Rs 146 crore
d.  Rs 156 crore
6. HSBC has picked up 6.22 percent stake in a pharmaceutical company through institutional placement of shares. Name the company.
a. Strides Arcolab
b. Procter & Gamble
c. Johnson and Johnson
d. GlaxoSmithKline
7. Hindustan Dorr-Oliver bagged an order from Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer (BPCL) and Chennai Petroleum Corporation (CPCL) worth
a.  Rs 90.49 crore
b.  Rs 92.59 crore
c.  Rs 94.42 crore
d.  Rs 96.57 crore
8. According to the govt. fi gures released in August 2010, the number one economy of the World is
a. USA
b. Japan
c. India
d. Russia
9. Who amongst the following has been appointed as the Chief Executive Offi cer of Zee Turner?
a. Virad Kaul
b. Ajay Maken
c. Prem Bhatia
d. R. P. Goenka
10. The Asian Development Bank approved a loan for National Capital Region worth
a. $130 million
b. $150 million
c. $170 million
d. $190 million
11. Identify the industrialist who has been named as the businessman of the decade from the given options.
a. N. Vaghul
b. O. P. Bhatt
c. Harsh S. Mariwala
d. Ratan Tata

12. The number of units sold by Hyundai Motor India Ltd in the domestic market in September, 2009 was
a. 27,803 units
b. 30,303 units
c. 33,803 units
d. 37,308 units
13. During the last two fi scals the number of employees to leave Mahindra Satyam was
a. 17,000
b. 17,035
c. 17,584
d. 17,963
14. Tata Steel signed an agreement with a consortium of 13 banks, led by Standard Chartered and State Bank of India, for raising
a.  Rs 15,000 crore
b.  Rs 20,000 crore
c.  Rs 25,000 crore
d.  Rs 30,000 crore
15. In which Indian state does Huawei – the Chinese telecom equipment maker plan to set up a $500 million manufacturing facility?
a. Karnataka
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Bihar
d. Rajasthan
16. Maruti Suzuki India, recorded its highest-ever monthly  sales in September at
a. 1,05,763 units
b. 1,05,706 units
c. 1,08,006 units
d. 1,10,086 units
17. The net income in the third quarter of Intel Corporation grew at   percent to reach $2.95 billion.
a. 55%
b. 59.45%
c. 64.5%
d. 67.83%
18. The FDI in   ow in India during the April – July quarter recorded a
a. Rise of 20%
b. Rise of 27%
c. Decline of 20%
d. Decline of 27%
19. During the fi rst quarter of 2010 – 2011, the sector which registered highest growth rate is
a. Manufacturing
b. Construction
c. Transportation
d. Farming
20. How much growth did Indian economy’s GDP register during the fi  rst quarter of 2010-2011?
a. 6.2%
b. 7.6%
c. 8.8%
d. 11.3%
21. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has spent over  Rs  53,202 crore on road projects in last how many financial years?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
22. According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2010 released by World Economic Forum, India has been ranked
a. 48
b. 51
c. 57
d. 63
23. According to the forecast made by the Forbes magazine, the richest man in the world in 2014 would be
a. J. Frank Brown
b. Tarun Kataria
c. Mukesh Ambani
d. L. M. Mittal
24. Name the state which has announced a scheme to provide free electric connection to 2 lakh BPL families.
a. Haryana
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Punjab
d. Gujarat
25. The second best favourite destination in the world for FDI over next 2 years according to UNCTAD would be
a. Sri Lanka
b. Pakistan
c. Nepal
d. India
26. In which Indian city has Facebook, the Social networking site, opened its office?
a. Pune
b. Hyderabad
c. Bangalore
d. Chennai
27. According to a study conducted by Assocham, which two cities have emerged as the highest employment-generating cities out of all the
other tier II and tier III cities of the country in the first quarter of 2010-11?
a. Pune and Bangalore
b. Pune and Ranchi
c. Ranchi and Delhi
d. Delhi and Bangalore
28. According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2010 released by World Economic Forum the country that has bagged the fi rst position is
a. Switzerland
b. USA
c. Japan
d. India
29. Network18 Media & Investments accepted an offer from a subsidiary of Viacom 18 Media Private Ltd to buy The Indian Film Company at
a. 112.06 pence
b. 113.67 pence
c. 113.78 pence
d. 115.56 pence
30. The World steel demand is expected to grow at   to a record 1.34 billion tonnes in 2011.
a. 4.3 percent
b. 5.2 percent
c. 5.3 percent
d. 6.2 percent
31. Within a space of 23 years after it made its fi  rst shipment of 500 vehicles overseas, the exports of this organisation have now crossed the
milestone of 8 lakh units. Name it.
a. Maruti Suzuki
b. Hero Honda
c. Hundai
d. Skoda
32. Jindal Steel and Power acquired Shadeed Iron & Steel plant in Oman, for
a. $404 million
b. $464 million
c. $504 million
d. $554 million
33. India’s third largest software firm is
a. HCL
b. Wipro
d. IBM
34. Nissan Motor registered total sales of 1,256 units in September 2010, with its newly-launched compact car
a. Micra
b. Logan
c. Fabia
d. Reva
35. During 2009 – 2010 the state to register the highest growth in State Gross Domestic Product was
a. Haryana
b. Punjab
c. Chhattisgarh
d. Gujarat
36. Name the bank which launched a new credit card to give frequent    yers the chance to earn mileage points while  ying on more than 50
domestic and international airlines.
a. Citibank
c. Axis bank
d. SBI
37. Edify Education, a part of DRS Group, will invest Rs  500 crore to open a network of around 300 schools across
a. Sri Lanka
b. Pakistan
c. India
d. Bangladesh
38. L&T has sold 2.42 per cent stake in Mahindra Satyam for   through open market transactions.
a.  Rs 249.11 crore
b.  Rs 294.81 crore
c.  Rs 298.18 crore
d.  Rs 304.81 crore
39. Which premium carmaker is voluntarily recalling 350,000 cars worldwide due to a possiblity of brake problems?
a. Mercedes
b. Skoda
c. Ford
d. BMW
40. Scott McConnell has joined as senior vice president and operating leader for the Americas region at
a. Patni
b. Genpact
c. HCL
d. Infosys
41. Auto component maker Bosch is planning to make an investment to ramp up its capacity at Jaipur plant, the company’s only V E distributor
pump manufacturing facility in the country. The worth of the investment is
a.  Rs 100 crore
b.  Rs 105 crore
c.  Rs 110 crore
d.  Rs 105 crore
42. Anand Mahindra, vice-chairman and managing director of Mahindra & Mahindra has gifted $10 million to support the Humanities Centre at
a. Oxford University
b. Boston University
c. Harvard University
d. Delhi University
43. Ambuja Cements production in September 2010 was   as against 13.82-lakh tonnes in 2009.
a. 12.35 lakh tonnes
b. 14.84 lakh tonnes
c. 15.63 lakh tonnes
d. 18.33 lakh tonnes
44. The government has appointed   as the Executive Director of a public sector Indian Bank.
a. Rajeev Ranjan
b. Rishi Raj
c. Rajesh Ranjan
d. Rajeev Rishi
45. Who amongst the following is the CEO and Managing Director of Birla Wellness & Healthcare?
a. Martin Newson
b. N Venkat India
c. Harsh Chitale
d. Jason Todd
46. Sundaram Finance acquired its joint venture partner BNP Paribas Asset Management’s 49 percent stake for
a.  Rs 141.48 crore
b.  Rs 144.84 crore
c.  Rs 145.48 crore
d.  Rs 147.84 crore
47. Name the cellular company that has launched a language helpline to help those who seek assistance for day-to-day conversations in
a. Idea
b. Vodafone
c. Airtel
d. Tata Indicom
48.  ’Most Admired Retailer 2010' award has been bagged by
a. Pantaloons
b. Big Bazaar
c. Croma
d. MAX
49. Who is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer  of Skype?
a. Ritu Sarin
b. Karl Ulrich Kohler
c. Indira Nooyi
d. Tony Bates
50. Name the recently appointed chief executive offi  cer of HCL Infosystems.
a. Morgan Stanley
b. Harsh Chitale
c. Martin Newson
d. Tarun Kataria
1. a. China
2. b. August 26, 2010
3. a. 539 crore
4. c. Hero Honda
5. b. 136 crore
6. a. Strides Arcolab
7. d. `96.57 crore
8. a. USA
9. a. Virad Kaul
10. b. $150 million
11. d. Ratan Tata
12. a. 27,803 units
13. a. 17,000
14. c. 25,000 crore
15. b. Tamil Nadu
16. c. 1,08,006 units
17. b. 59.45 %
18. d. Decline of 27 %
19. a. Manufacturing
20. c. 8.8%
21. b. 3
22. b. 51
23. c.  Mukesh Ambani
24. b. Uttar Pradesh
25. d. India
26. b. Hyderabad
27. b. Pune and Ranchi
28. a. Switzerland
29. d. 115.56 pence
30. c. 5.3 per cent
31. a. Maruti Suzuki
32. b. $464 million
33. b. Wipro
34. a. Micra
35. c. Chhattisgarh
36. a. Citibank
37. c. India
38. b. `294.81 crore
39. d. BMW
40. b. Genpact
41. a. `100 crore
42. c. Harvard University
43. b. 14.84 lakh tonnes
44. d. Rajeev Rishi
45. b. N. Venkat
46. a. `141.48 crore
47. a. Idea
48. c. Croma
49. d. Tony Bates
50. b. Harsh Chitale

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