Sunday, 11 March 2012

1. The car that bagged the Car of the Year title at ICICI bank-CNBC-TV18 Overdrive awards 2010 is
a. Hyundai i10
b. Chevrolet Yuva
c. Tata Nano
d. Maruti Zen
2. Who is the current social secretary of the U.S. President?
a. Julianna Smoot
b. Hilda Solis
c. Kathleen Sebelius
d. Susan Rice
3. Name the former Pakistani Test captain and fast bowler who is the newly appointed coach for the Pakistancricket team.
a. Talat Ali
b. Imran Khan
c. Sarfaraz Nawaz
d. Ejaz Ahmed
4. Name the country that resumed wolf hunting after a gap of 45 years.
a. Tibet
b. Russia
c. Sweden
d. California
5. At the seventh World Team Chess Championship held at the Merinos Congress Centre in Bursa, Turkeyfrom January  3 to 14, 2010, which
country  clinched the gold medal?
a. India
b. Russia
c. China
d. Pakistan
6. Where was the 97th Indian Science Congress held?
a. Delhi
b. Gandhinagar
c. Chennai
d. Thiruvananthapuram
7. B. R. Shetty, the well known Indian expatriate businessman from Abu Dhabi who purchased the entire 100th  oor of Burj Dubai, the world’s
tallest tower, is the fonder and managing director of
a. New Medical Centre
b. Dubai Facilitation Centre
c. Apollo Medical Centre
d. Sunway Medical Centre
8. Identify the company that has been named the Technology Pioneer 2010 by the World Economic Forum. This accolade was given to it for
developing solar-powered mobile phone base stations.
a. Lavanya Netwroks Ltd
b. Ramagya Networks Ltd
c. Vihaan Networks Ltd
d. Shridhar Networks Ltd
9. Name the fi rst Indian woman who was a part of the eight woman Commonwealth team that made the historic ski-run crossing a 900 km
Antarctic ice trek to reach the south pole, marking the 60th anniversary  of the founding day of Commonwealth.
a. Marjan Kalhor
b. Reena Kaushal
c. Nisha Majeethiya
d. Sonia Kumari
10. India’s fi rst ‘Eclipse Cruise’ which left from Kochi port, with about 750 ‘astro tourists’ to view the longest annular solar eclipse of the third
millennium was aboard
a. MV Aquamarine
b. Astro Adeventure
c. The Northern Light
d. EC Hunter
11. An electronic device (e-dog) meant to sniff out explosives like RDX which remain undetected by existing security equipments is being
developed by which company?
a. China
b. India
c. Japan
d. Pakistan
12. Name the leading Iranian nuclear scientist, who was killed in a bomb blast in Tehran
a. Ibn Abdollah Bukhtishu
b ufi  Muhammad
c. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi
d. Qotbeddin Shirazi
13. Who directed the Hollywood blockbuster movie, Inception, released in July 2010?
a. Christopher Nolan
b. Steven Spielberg
c. Martin Scorsese
d. David Lynch
14. The eco-friendly vehicle launched by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd during the auto expo 2010 held in Delhi is
a. Volt
b. Prius
c. Hybrid
d. Eeco
15. Who is the enigmatic, reclusive author of the novel “The Catcher in the Rye”,  who passed away at the age of 91?
a. J. K. Rowling
b. Brain Jacques
c. J. D. Salinger
d. Gary Paulsen
16. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) report, which country is likely to become the biggest economy by 2020?
a. India
b. China
c. Japan
d. Korea
17. The World Meteorological Organisation tabulated the fastest wind gust ever recorded (253 mph gust) in 1996
on Barrow Island in Australia during
a. Cyclone Olivia
b. Super Cyclone Gonu
c Cyclone Gafi lo
d. Cyclone Indigo
18. What is the name of the new political party formed by the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Kalyan Singh on his birthday this year?
a. Bhartiya Jan Satta
b. Jan Kranti Party
c. Lok Raj Party
d. Navodaya Praja Party
19. Conde Nast, a travel magazine declared which Indian train to be the 4th best in the list of top 10 luxury trains of the world?
a. The Golden Chariot
b. Deccan Odyssey
c. Palace on Wheels
d. The Blue Bird
20. Name the scientist whose groundbreaking work on untangling fundamental genetic processes earned him a Nobel Prize. He died at the age
of 82.
a. Marshall Nirenberg
b. Charles Kao
c. Marie Curie
d. Linus Pauling
21. Who won the German Grand Prix this year?
a. Mark Webber
b. Lewis Hamilton
c. Nico Roseberg
d. Fernando Alonso
22. The oldest text on ancient clay has been recently found in
a. Mecca
b. Jerusalem
c. Cairo
d. Johannesburg
23. Who authored the book, ‘The Fragrance of Forgotten Years’?
a. Bikees Latif
b. Pranab Bardhan
c. Fali S. Nariman
d. None of the above
24. World Heart Day is celebrated on
a. July 28
b. August 28
c. September 28
d. October 28
25. ‘Nadaam’ is the biggest national festival of which of the following countries?
a. Mongolia
b. China
c. Malaysia
d. Sri Lanka
26. Name the runner-up in women’s singles fi nal at the Wimbledon championships 2010.
a. Venus Williams
b. Cara Black
c. Vera Zvonarova
d. Serena Williams
27. Omar-al-Bashir, the President of  , was in news in lieu of the charges pressed against him for genocide by the International Court of Justice.
a. Ethiopia
b. Sudan
c. Egypt
d. Morocco
28. Rosa Otunbayeva is the President of which of the following countries?
a. Uzbekistan
b. Mongolia
c. Kyrgyzstan
d. Singapore
29. In 2010, the Lok Manya Tilak Award has been awarded to
a. Bhupinder Singh Hooda
b. Sheila Dixit
c. M. Karunanidhi
d. Sharad Pawar
30. Identify the current Chief Election Commissioner of India.
a. S. Y. Quraishi
b. Navin Chawla
c. N. Gopalaswami
d. None of the above
31. The approximate cost of the new project – Green Action for National Dandi Heritage Initiative (GANDHI) is
a.  Rs 10 crore
b.  Rs 15 crore
c.  Rs 20 crore
d.  Rs 25 crore
32. What is the value of the commemorative postal stamp released by Sharda Sampath, Post Master General on Dr. Y. S. Rajashekhar Reddy,
former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?
a.  Rs 2
b.  Rs 5
c.  Rs 10
d. None of the above
33. Name the Bengali film that was selected for screening in the Montreal Film Festival 2010.
a. Sara Raat
b. Byomkesh Bakshi
c. Aarohan
d. Antim Swash Sundor
34. In which of the following states is Polavaram Indira Sagar Project located?
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Orissa
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Karnataka
35. Who among the following is the Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister?
a. Nanda Kumar
b. C. Rangarajan
c. Pranab Mukherjee
d. Kaushik Basu
36. Who is the chairman of the Economic Advisory Council?
a. Nanda Kumar
b. C. Rangarajan
c. Pranab Mukherjee
d. Kaushik Basu
37. After petroleum, which industry is next in the line to face ecentralization from the Government?
a. Sugar
b. Power
c. Coal
d. Handloom
38. The headmaster of the distinguished Orgram Chatuspalli High Madarsa well known for its secularism and honoured with a National Award is
a. Anwar Mohammad
b. Sahib Mohammad
c. Anwar Hossain
d. Anwar Ali
39. Who is the current Union Minister of Mines?
a. Prakash Jaiswal
b. Bijoy Krishna Handique
c. Sartaj Singh
d. Jairam Ramesh
40. While Sania Nehwal’s world ranking in badminton has slipped from 2nd to 3rd place, who took the number one position?
a. Yihan Wang
b. Lin Wang
c. Xie Xing Fang
d. Xin Wang
41. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu – this is the birth name of which famous personality?
a. Mother Teresa
b. Margaret Chan
c. Annie Besant
d. Margaret Thatcher
42. The condition of being phobic to artifi cial things which resemble human shape is referred to as
a. Agliophobia
b. Androphobia
c. Automatonophobia
d. Acarophobia
43. The Toy Story movie series is a production of which animation company?
a. Dreamworks Animation
b. Pixar Animation Studio
c. Melodrama Pictures
d. Walt Disney Pictures
44. The Commonwealth games were a great success in India despite the controversies. When were the fi rst ever commonwealth games
a. 1930
b. 1940
c. 1950
d. 1960
45. Which of the following airline companies uses the slogan, ‘Your place is in the sky’?
a. Air Sahara
b. Indian Airlines
c. Air Deccan
d. Air India
46. Dr. P. Rama Rao Committee is related to
a. Agriculture
b. Defense
c. Taxes
d. Corporate bodies
47. You would relate ‘Golden Mahasheer’  to which of the following?
a. Goat
b. Eagle
c. Fish
d. Sheep
48. UNIVAC is a
a. Computer
b. Super computer
c. Software programme
d. Computer manufacturer
49. In the Indian context, what is N-LIST?
a. Negative list of import  items
b. Neutral liability intensive  search tests
c. Nuclear sites
d. Student resources in  electronic form
50. From the given options, identify the top 3 debtors of the World Bank.
a. India, Mexico, South Africa
b. India, South Africa, Mexico
c. South Africa, Mexico, India
d. South  Africa, India, Mexico
1. c. Tata Nano
2. a. Julianna Smoot
3. d. Ejaz Ahmed
4. c. Sweden
5. b. Russia
6. d. Thiruvananthapuram
7. a. New Medical Centre
8. c. Vihaan Networks Ltd
9. b. Reena Kaushal
10. a. MV Aquamarine
11. b. India
12. c. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi
13. a. Christopher Nolan
14. d. Eeco
15. c. J. D. Salinger
16. b. China
17. a. Cyclone Olivia
18. b. Jan Kranti Party
19. c. Palace on Wheels
20. a. Marshall Nirenberg
21. d. Fernando Alonso
22. b. Jerusalem
23. a. Bikees Latif
24. c. September 28
25. a. Mongolia
26. d. Serena Williams
27. b. Sudan
28. c. Kyrgyzstan
29. b. Sheila Dixit
30. a. S. Y. Quraishi
31. d. `25 crore
32. b. `5
33. c. Aarohan
34. a. Andhra Pradesh
35. d. Kaushik Basu
36. b. C. Rangarajan
37. a. Sugar
38. c. Anwar Hossain
39. b. Bijoy Krishna Handique
40. d. Xin Wang
41. a. Mother Teresa
42. c. Automatonophobia
43. b. Pixar Animation Studio
44. a. 1930
45. d. Air India
46. b. Defense
47. c. Fish
48. a. Computer
49. d. Student resources in electronic form
50. a. India, Mexico, South Africa

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