Monday, 9 April 2012

1.Who authored the book ‘The Science of Bharat Natyam’?
Saroja Vaidyanathan.
2.International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed on:
13th October.
3.Tianhe 1A, the world’s fastest supercomputer is made by
4.1st Nuclear security summit in 2010 was held at:
5.Virdhawal Khade is associated with which of the following sports:
6.Which is India’s first ever Pollution Control Warship?
Samudra Prahari.
7.Who became India’s youngest grandmaster?
S P Sethuraman.
8.K C Kulich International Award is associated with
9.‘Open’ is the autobiography of which sports personality?
Andre Agassiz.
10.World Cup Football in 2022 is to be held at:
11.Who is the first head of UN WOMEN?
Mitchell blachett.
12.Which of the following committee is related to Corporatisation of Stock Exchanges?
Bimal Jalan Committee.
13.Which is India’s newest stock exchange for currency derivatives
United Stock Exchange (USE).
14.Jeevan Reddy Committee is related to
Armed Forces Special Power Act.
15.Which of the following scheme is related with social security for unorganised sector?
16.Polavaram Project is located in which state?
Andhra Pradesh.
17.David Perlman Award is given in which field?
18.Which of the following committee has redefined the definition of Slums?
Pranab Sen Committee.
19.Arrow-III is an anti missile system of
20.India’s first jail BPO is going to came up at:
21.World’s first aviation university coming up at:
22.Khoj lab has been launched by which group?
Future Group .
23.Which of the following became the first smoke free state in India?
24.Which of the following became the Ist Asian Country to sign Free Trade Agreement with European Union?
South Korea.
25.The Emissary’ is the book authored by:
Aniruddh Bahl.
26.Who is the new PM of Netherlands?
Mark Ruttea.
27.Who is the new PM of Kosovo?
Hashim Taci.
28.Who is the chairman of National Democratic Front of Bodoland?
Ranjan Daimary.
29.Who is the PM of Sweden?
Fredrick Rainfeldt.
30.Who is the author of ‘IndiaDivided’?
Rajendra Prasad.
31.Satellites used for telecommunication relay are kept in a geostationary orbit.The orbit is at an altitude of-
36,000 km.
32.Silent Valley is in which of the following state?
33.Third Budhist council was held at:
34.Who wrote ‘Akbarnama’?
Abul Fazal.
35.What is the full form of “Amul”?
Anand Milk Union Limited.
36.Which among the following is the  largest producer of Coffee in the world?
37.Fundamental duties were added by which of the following constitutional amendment?
42nd Constitutional Amendment Act.
38.By which constitution amendment, the membership of house of the people was  increased to 545 members from 525 members?
31st Constitutional Amendment Act.
39.Who among the following had founded ‘Abhinav Bharat’?
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
40.Where was the 34th National Games 2011 of India held?
41.Who built Moti Masjid at the Red Fort, Delhi?
42.20th Commonwealth Games will be held in:
43.Which among the following country had introduced first polymer currency notes?
44.Babli dam is built on which of the following river?
45.Country’s first university for urban studies will be set up in which of the following city?
46.Nissan and Renault have launched a car in India  , named:
47.China is going to spend money on the development of which of the following town related to Gautam Buddha to make it a Macca of Buddha?
48.Who among  the following won the Cincinati tournament-2011?
Paes & Bhupathi .
49.Which among the following constitutional amendment bill contains the provision of increase in women  reservation in panchayats?
50.Name the Lokayukta who has recently asked President to censure Chief Minister of Delhi.
Manmohan Sarin.
51.The government approved merger of State Bank of India Commercial and International Bank Ltd (SBICI) with its parent bank SBI. SBICI was set up in which of the following year?
52.Which country’s  Airlines  recently has  placed largest aircraft order in history?
United States. 

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