Sunday, 1 April 2012

1.Which high court Chief Justice has recently resigned, who was facing impeachment on charges of corruption and judicial misconduct?
P D Dinakaran.
2.India's Ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood has been made Ambassador to which among the following countries?
3.Proposed National Social Security Fund will have an initial corpus of
Rs. 1000 crore.
4.Who among the following was recently appointed as the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister?
Pulok Chatterji.
5.Which US University recently was raided by investigating and law enforcement agencies on suspected charges of alleged visa fraud?
University of Northern Virginia.
6.Sandeep Sejwal is a well known player of which among the following sports?
7.Which international university has recently announced its plans to launch its merchandise in India?
Oxford University.
8.Which chemical has been declared as an explosive recently by the Indian Government?
Ammonium nitrate.
9.Who among the following is/are the winner(s) of the Prem Bhatia Award for excellence in political reporting?
Jyotirmoy Dey,Josy Joseph.
10.Which among the following country is placed at top in the latest FIFA rankings?
11.Employees Provident Fund Organisation, approved appointment of which bank as the custodian of securities of the EPFO?
Standard Chartered Bank.
12.Recently, for the first time, which Indian state has announced compensation to be paid for loss of life, rape and serious injury even if the perpetrators were not identified?
13.Who among the following will act as an honorary ambassador for the 2014 football World Cup?
14.Who among the following will take over as new Chief of the Indian Air Force ?
Norman Anil Kumar Browne.
15.99th Indian Science Congress will be organized at which of the following place?
16.Minjar fair is celebrated in which of the following state of India?
Himachal Pradesh.
17.Who among the following has been appointed as the new Solicitor-General of India?
Rohinton Nariman.
18.Which Indian state has been ranked fourth in a global study of fastest developing cities conducted by The City Mayors Foundation, an international think tank on urban affairs?
19.Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award for 2010 has been conferred on –
Gagan Narang.
20.19th Asian Athletics Championships was held in which of the following country?
21.Prahaar is the name of a:
22.Who among the following is the present Foreign Minister of Pakistan?
Hina Rabbani Khar.
23.Present Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) of India is:
Pradeep Kumar.
24.Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) is chaired by:
Prim Minister.
25.Mirage fighter jets was originally manufactured by which of the following country?
26.Who among the following is the new Environment & Forest minister of India after the recent reshuffle of the cabinet at centre?
Jayanthi Natarajan.
27.Researchers have founded the “first firm record” of a supernova at Mosque of Madani, which is located in:
Jammu & Kashmir.
28.No Violet Bulawayo has won Caine Prize for African Writing 2011. She belongs which of the following country?
29.Who was the creator of popular US television show Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch?
Sherwood Schwartz.
30.Cabaret star Liza Minnelli has been made an officer in France's prestigious Legion of Honour. She belongs to which of the following country?
31.Name the US Army ranger who has been awarded the Medal of Honor, America's highest military medal, for his actions in a firefight in Afghanistan.
Leroy Petry.
32.IMF recently named first Chinese as its deputy managing director in recognition of Chinese growing power in the global economy. Name the person.
Zhu Min.
33.Scrapping yet another initiative of the erstwhile DMK regime, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced an improved medical insurance cover under which a family can derive a maximum benefit of:
Rs four lakh for four years.
34.Newly sworn in South Sudan’s new President is:
Salva Kiir Mayardit.
35.What is the name of the US Congresswoman who has signed a controversial marriage pact that suggests that African American children were more likely to grow up in stable families during the era of slavery than under President Barack Obama?
Michele Bachmann.
36.Navy of which of the following country has recently let women serve on submarines for the first time?
37.Apollo Tyres has set up a new West Asian operations hub in :
38.Barclays Capital, the investment banking unit of Barclays Bank, has appointed recently a new Managing Director, Head of Equities for India. What is the name of the person?
Mr Bhavtosh Vajpayee.
39.Archery World Championship were recently held in which of the following given places?
40.Which among the following constitutional amendment bill contains the provision of increase in women reservation in panchayats?
41.Who among the following Lokayukta has asked President to censure Chief Minister of Delhi?
Manmohan Sarin.
42.The government approved merger of State Bank of India Commercial and International Bank Ltd (SBICI) with its parent bank SBI. SBICI was set up in which of the following year?
43.Airlines company of which country has recently placed largest aircraft order in history?
United States.
44.Government has lowered its GDP forecast for 2011-12 to how much per cent from the earlier estimate of about 9 per cent in view of a likely moderation in industrial output?
45.Which state has announced the decision to demerge its National Institute of Sports (NIS), from the Sports Authority of India (SAI)?
46.What is the name of the New Intelligence Chief, who handed over command of US and NATO-led troops in Afghanistan?
General David Petraeus.
47.The Central Government has recently sanctioned the Scheme of Amalgamation of Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd (MEL) with :
Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL).
48.BHEL has commissioned India’s first thermal set of 525 MW rating at which of the following places?
49.Who among the following has recently taken over as the director of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)?
Dharmendra Jai Narain.
50.Recently English has been dropped as final year subject in which of the following state university?
51.Which IIM has announced extension of the reach of its publisher training programme to countries in South East Asia from next year?
IIM Ahmedabad.
52.What is the name of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who resigned following criticism for hiring former News of the World executive Neil Wallis - who was questioned by police investigating hacking - as an adviser in UK?
Sir Paul Stephenson.
53.Who among the following was officially named as the next envoy of India to the United States of America ?
Nirupama Roy.
54.Which of the following personality has been appointed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerji as an advisor to ‘Resurgent Bengal’ scheme?
Sam Pitroda.
55.The world’s largest Indian flag weighing 250 kg was unfurled at the ‘Vibrant India Festival’ which began recently in –
56.Minister for Defense A.K. Antony recently presented the first Mercy Ravi Award for Woman of Substance to-
Sheila Dikshit.
57.Who among the following was elected president of the Mumbai Cricket Association at its 77th annual general body meeting recently?
Vilasrao Deshmukh.
58.Which among the following is the oldest commissioned ship of the Indian Navy, ‘a landing ship tanker, which was given a fond farewell after 35 years of service recently?
INS Sharabh.
59.Which high court Chief Justice has recently resigned, who was facing impeachment on charges of corruption and judicial misconduct?
P D Dinakaran.
60.Proposed National Social Security Fund will have an initial corpus of
Rs. 1000 crore.
61.Who among the following was recently appointed as the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister?
Pulok Chatterji.

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